Why should I access PROPEL?

PROPEL is a hub for training and employment opportunities in the counties of San Francisco, Alameda and Marin and the City of Berkeley. Our goal is to provide whatever it takes to help people with lived experience who desire to be a part of the mental health workforce to be successful in the training programs and successful in their jobs and internships.

Peers who are members of PROPEL have access to the following benefits:

  • Job coaching as needed
  • Webinars and trainings customized for Peer Professionals
  • Consultation groups led by the Harm Reduction Therapy Center
  • Current internships available
  • Current job openings within your county
  • An online Community Forum where peer professionals can access support, exchange ideas, resources etc.
  • Gain entrance to Job Fairs
  • As an employer, you will have
    access to a pool of qualified interns/applicants
  • A support system
  • Trainings for supervisors